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Here are the top things to do and see during you stay in Arcadia Peloponnese

Piana Village

The villages and mountain Menalo that towers above them, constitute the core and the beauty of the region of Arcadia.The village of Piana, due to its central location is an ideal place to explore the region of Arcadia and set it as the starting point for most of your expeditions.


Grotto (cave) of God Pan!

The famous grotto of the god Panfrom which the village bears its name! Ascending a dirt road for about 20 minutes will get you to the place where the god lived. A god who was worshiped by the Arcadians in the ancient times! 2 km far from our hotel


The village of hero Kolokotronis!

Just 8 km away from our hotel, in Libovisi village lies the reconstructed ancestral home of Theodore Kolokotronis home of Theodore Kolokotronis which functions as a museum. Right next to it there is a beautiful decorated traditional cafe where you can make a stop and enjoy your beverage.

Reach the Summit of Arcadia!

The ski resort of Menalos is close to the highest peak of the Eastern Menalo and it has 7 tracks and 3 lifts . It is an ideal opportunity to a have a great time, especially for those who love skiing and games in the snow!


The hidden monastery in the rock!

The monastery of Timios Prodromos is located in the gorge of Lucius river and it is literally built on a rock! Once you have parked your car in a specially designed place, you need to continue on foot along the river until you come to the view of the monastery where the monks will happily welcome you and offer you Greek coffee and biscuits . 30 km away from our hotel.


The revolution gunpowder mills!

The The open-air Water Power Museum in Dimitsana invites visitors to discover the power of water and learn how people exploited this power in the years of the Greek revolution. They manipulated the force of the water in order to wash clothes, brew raki (traditional distilled drink) and create gunpowder so that they could support the revolution. There you will have the opportunity to travel back in time to experience the techniques and everyday life of the local community.

Rafting in Lousios

The descent of Lucius and Alphios rivers is truly a unique experience that will be unforgettable! Prepare to see the impressive waterfalls, amid green landscapes as you cross the river through narrow gorges with the entourage of heron, eagles and hawks ! There are quite a site online that you can find to schedule(arrange) a descent . If you want you can contact us and we willingly arrange it for you! 40 km away from our hotel

Tip: Don’t forget to bring extra dry clothes!


Kapsia Cavern

The The Kapsia cavern is covering an undergorund area of 6500 square meters and is one of the 10 most significant caverns in Greece with the rarest rock colorations (colours)! You can see up close impressive stalagmites and stalactites, traces of primitive culture and admire the sinkholes with the running water!

Kalogris Winery

The Kalogris Winery is located in Kapsia Mantinea village in the foot of Elatoskepastoy of Mainalos. Is it the first certified visitable winery of Peloponnese prefecture and the only one in Mantinea by the Greek ministry of tourism. You are able to witness the wine aging process in underground cellars, enjoy biological production wines accompanied by traditional pies and bread made with pezyme, olives, cheese etc. Kalogris winery also offers the opportunity to experience all the above under the warmth of an inspiring lighthouse in the wine tasting room with the joy of relaxing music. 

Finally, Kalogris winery, is a family business and all of its members, Evangelos , Christine, Kyriaki and Tatiana are waiting for you to meet them in person and share their own philosophy and warm hospitality with you!

Open from 11:00 to 17:00 

Open during the weekend and daily upon agreement